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  1. The Challenge Equivalent
  2. is there a live stream for this
  3. do yall think that the mooch thing was real
  4. Survivor Loved Ones Visit
  5. crush culture
  6. changed into my diamond sweater
  7. watch my stars vlog :))))
  8. watch my vlog :o
  9. people are spamming my vlog to be negged
  10. Nominated for 7th [VLOG]
  11. I have an intense feeling
  12. Nominated in stars
  13. ⭐️ THANK YOU 51.6% ⭐️
  14. anyone have a link to survivor tn?
  15. Can’t believe I’m losing a huge ally
  16. :(
  17. how the fuck did I stay
  18. predict my percentage
  19. wasted and thinking
  20. if u ever wanted to see me beg for my stars life
  21. ⭐️ THANK YOU 57.4% ⭐️
  22. you know it's bad
  23. being tagged in exactly one support blog
  24. what time is stars filling
  25. what time does stars fill?
  26. join frooks!
  27. I just enrolled for my spring semester classes
  28. is stars legit again
  29. Every night in my dorm
  30. can someone please explain
  31. Let’s reflect on last night’s HOH
  32. literally does anyone do this
  34. You’re not who you think you are.
  36. to group game players who are rude to hosts
  37. Connor's Big Brother — POV Competition
  38. PYN
  39. what time does stars fill
  40. today is my 18th birthday

Survivor Loved Ones Visit

Jan 11, 2019 by Connor_
*Mom of a castaway runs out and hugs her son*

Jeff: So, CASTAWAY, what's it LIKE to have a MOM? You know that SPECIAL bond that ONLY a MOM and a SON have? How has SURVIVOR made that BOND stronger? There's something about having a MOM that nobody else really UNDERSTANDS. How has having a MOM made your life BETTER? Having a FAMILY is a UNIQUE experience. It must be so COMFORTING to see your MOM.


Sent by Birks4444,Jan 11, 2019
didnt u blog this already
Sent by MrOrange890,Jan 11, 2019

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