Big Brother and online Hunger games. Big Brother PYN

Sep 19, 2020 by ColinCoco
Notice how it has no 2?
Well, I'm redoing everything for the sake of redoing.
16 houseguests.
New twists.
Mostly controlled by
Hopefully not controlled by a major alliance.
All players from the original 1st season can return if they wish.
The road to victory only comes from both bad and good choices.

Anyways rules.
Not voting or nominating will get you a strike.
3 strikes and you're evicted.
1 Confession per week minimum or else a strike.
3 days of inactivity can also get you evicted

1) Shawnlolpop123
2) ITZ3than
3) Dylangover1
4) pudrulz
5) Mrkk
6) Charrison790564
7) Latisha0987
8) DrPepsi
10) Tester
11) KevsssInDaHouse
12) Yawnha
13) CallMeTheGOAT

People were removed by request or inactivity.



can i still signup?
Sent by Rockrac89,Sep 20, 2020

my old account from years ago im locked out
Sent by Rockrac89,Sep 20, 2020

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