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Duck no

Sep 4, 2020 by ColinCoco
I tried doing a workout.
I suffered.
Now I have to do the 2nd set :(


Sent by maturo,Sep 4, 2020
i had to work out what I was eating for lunch today
Sent by doobee,Sep 4, 2020
Push through it!
Sent by nmh95,Sep 4, 2020
I am dead inside
My phone is almost dead.
I feel like doing nothing but replying to Maturo with quack.
Gotta do this again on sunday.
If only there was a way U could totally escape from this.
Sent by ColinCoco,Sep 4, 2020
I'm not gonna bother with that typo.
Sent by ColinCoco,Sep 4, 2020

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