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Escape the night cancelled

Aug 31, 2020 by ColinCoco
Colin, The popcorn man ( ColinCoco, M)
Drew, The Pizza delivery guy ( Tester, M)
Mily, The funny girl ( Milyenah, F)
Dylan, The west end star ( Dylangover1, M)
Steve, The nice guy ( Stevehutch63, M)
Cruella, The dog hater ( Symmetry888, F)
Tangy, The Tiktok star ( Demgirl6, F)
Adriana, The news reporter ( Oswordo3, F)
Thomas, The cameraman ( Jaxon, M)

Karen ( Charrison790564)-Hanged (Episode 2)

Sorry for being an asshole and cancelling this, I should go die


oh no
Sent by Tester,Aug 31, 2020

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