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The game of halves Day 5

May 17, 2020 by ColinCoco
Team Lava:
Paralox (Confessed)
Malachite05 (Confessed)

Team Sea:
Flipflops (Confessed)
Smallchild99 (Confessed)

Team Earth:

Team Sky:

How the game goes:

Welcome back!
Today I have saddening news. Well for me,great news for you.
We (Me) had to remove Majority and Gay_Horse_ for inactivity on our favourite website Tengaged.
Luckily they are on different teams,but they still threw a wrench in my plans.

And 1 thing before we start. J4ckWilko you have until the next blog on this game to confess if I receive no Confession I will remove you from the game as well. The confession could just say "Hi"

Now onto the vote results!
All votes for the removed players do not count.

Starting with Team Lava

With 0 votes not going into the challenge

With 2 votes causing a tie
Paralox & Turkeylover

With 3 votes going into the challenge

Okay as for the tie has decided to send
Paralox into the challenge!

Team Sea's turn

With 0 votes not going into the challenge

With 1 vote not going into the challgeng

With 2 votes going into the challenge
Wolven6974 & Smallchild99!

So Kindred7, Paralox, Wolven6974, Smallchild99 your challenge is a team challenge.
You'll be teaming up with the person from your team for the challenge.

Your challenge is to complete a different 300 piece jigsaw puzzle
I love torturing people with these.

The team that has the fastest average time wins.




jack there is no excuse to not send in a confession u hore
Sent by Flipflops,May 17, 2020
Flipflops we might have to remove you for being rude
Sent by ColinCoco,May 17, 2020
LOL oh boy please dont tell me this is game number 2 im gonna ruin :( colincoco

j4ckwilko ure great man, more great if i win ur final
Sent by Flipflops,May 17, 2020
and i got voted
at least the challenge is just a jigsaw puzzle.
Sent by Wolven6974,May 17, 2020
Kindred7, Paralox, Wolven6974, Smallchild99 please mail me an image of your finished puzzle
Sent by ColinCoco,May 17, 2020
300 pieces thats rough good luck challengers
Sent by Flipflops,May 17, 2020
GL Challengers!
Sent by Tester,May 17, 2020
oh i’ll work on this soon. Hopefully won’t be last
Sent by Kindred7,May 17, 2020
dont ruin another game for us flipflops!
Sent by malachite05,May 17, 2020

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