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Mar 26, 2020 by ColinCoco

Congratulations Houseguests so far!
You have made it pass 2 twist and made it into the Jury phase which lasts only a week!
Well the Normal version of the Jury phase.
This version of the jury phase is called TDML
Which stands for:Trip Down Memory Lane
Starting from this week on we will slowly go through this memory lane.
First Stop!
I hope you all remember that we have a new president for the moon!

It is former houseguest...

Helping him out as the vice president we have former houseguest...

And last but not least first citizen on the moon we have former houseguest...

These 3 former houseguests will be our special guests for this week
And the person evicted today will go to the glorious jury house with Flipflops

Now it's time for the results of the HOH competition!


7th: Smallchild99

6th: Mango_queen

5th: Kindred7

4th: Nateclove

3rd: Tester

2nd: NanoNerd

1st: Malachite05!

Congrats Malachite05! You have won the HOH Competition
You have 48 hours to send me your nominations!
A reminder will be sent at about the 24 hrs left mark

This blog is brought to you by our sponsor Help
Yes I paid myself to sponsor this blog



Congrats Malachite05!
Sent by smallchild99,Mar 26, 2020
Congrats Malachite!
Sent by Tester,Mar 26, 2020
congrats malachite
Sent by NanoNerd,Mar 26, 2020
Congrats malachite05 king
Sent by nateclove,Mar 26, 2020
Why is nobody respecting our guests
Sent by ColinCoco,Mar 26, 2020
Congrats malachite05 !
Sent by mango_queen,Mar 26, 2020
good to see you again oswordo3, hujain, and lukeoudo! In hindsight you guys made the right choice to escape earth when you did!
Sent by malachite05,Mar 26, 2020

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