Big Brother and online Hunger games. Big Brother Eviction 6

14thMar 20, 2020 by ColinCoco
Smallchild99 (NOM 馃槺)
Flipflops X
mango_queen (POV 馃弲)
NanoNerd (HOH 馃弳)
Macda27 (NOM 馃槺)
Piesyumyyumypies (NOM 馃槺)

Welcome houseguests to the double eviction ceremony
It is time to reveal the votes
This was very close but...
With 0 vote is Piesyumyyumypies the iconic yet sad flop
Why does he get this hate idk but i'm sorry but your leaving the house again pies.

And now with a vote of 4-3 to stay houseguest leaving is
Sorry Mac but your road ends here

And Smallchild99 with 4 votes you shall remain in this house.

Now with this week over only 1 twist remains!
When it will occur nobody knows except me!

10th Macda27 (0-3-4 vote to save)
11th Piesyumyyumypies (0-3-4 vote to save)
NEW 12th Paul028 (5-4)
---Piesyumyyumypies returns---
12th Camell22 (6-2)(1 vote not submitted)
13th Oswordo3 (7-3)
14th Hujain (9-2)
15th piesyumyyumypies (7-5)
16th lukeoudo (Inactivity)



Sorry negged by accident
Sent by Etienne,Mar 20, 2020
Yep. Figured that mango lied to me.
Sent by NanoNerd,Mar 20, 2020
Thank you to the four that kept me! I am not worthy of your votes!
Sent by smallchild99,Mar 20, 2020
Sent by nateclove,Mar 20, 2020
WOW I鈥檓 robbed, shook.
Sent by Macda27,Mar 20, 2020
Sent by Tester,Mar 20, 2020
NanoNerd don鈥檛 expect me to listen to u after the first time u ever talked to me was after I took myself off the block when u nommed me <3
Sent by mango_queen,Mar 20, 2020
you people are hardcore sheeping mango small kindred's alliance
Sent by piesyumyyumypies,Mar 20, 2020
mango_queen I mean... you didn鈥檛 have to lie to me though. That was honestly just a dick move.
Sent by NanoNerd,Mar 20, 2020
Why tf are people randomly getting shady and rude?
@piesyumyyumpies I would have tried to save you if anyone else was renommed. Don't be pissed at me.
And how tf are people sleeping me when I'm on the block every damn week?
Sent by smallchild99,Mar 20, 2020
Not even going to bother fixing the tag because he didn't even care about someone that was in his corner, but whatever.

Bottom line is people are acting like they're owed something in this game, and it's really frustrating to have to claw my way through every week but for my efforts to be shot down by some bullshit.
Sent by smallchild99,Mar 20, 2020

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