Big Brother and online Hunger games. Big Brother HOH Comp 6

Mar 15, 2020 by ColinCoco
Flipflops X

Welcome to the 6th HoH Comp!
Recap of last week:
HoH: Smallchild99
Pre-Noms: Nateclove & Tester
PoV: Macda27
Post-Noms: Tester & Paul028
Evicted: Paul028

HoH Comp:

3rd we have...

2nd we have...

HoH of the week is...

Congratulations NanoNerd! You are the Houseguest of the week!
Now this isn't any normal week though.
This is a Double Eviction!
The Double Eviction will work like this.
NanoNerd will nominate 3 people.
2 others will participate in the PoV
The PoV winner must choose to save one of them or leave it the same
Afterwards NanoNerd replaces them or not.
And instead of a vote to evict it will be a vote to save.
The person who has the most vote stays while the other 2 leave.

If you don't understand it's okay we'll go step by step.



NanoNerd I will do anything for your love and safety!
Sent by smallchild99,Mar 15, 2020
omg crazy week then

Grats nano!!
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Mar 15, 2020
Holy crap!!! WHAT
Sent by NanoNerd,Mar 15, 2020
I’m just going to nominate people I don’t know very well... nothing personal ofc!
Sent by NanoNerd,Mar 15, 2020
Hope I’m not nommed haha
Sent by Macda27,Mar 15, 2020
Congratulations NanoNerd!
Sent by Tester,Mar 15, 2020
Tester, I love you. I hope we both make it through this because if I want anyone to be the one to take me out, it's you. Our rivalry is too iconic to end any other way!
Sent by smallchild99,Mar 15, 2020
Macda27 find out tomorrow
Sent by ColinCoco,Mar 15, 2020
Congrats NanoNerd! You snappedt!
Sent by nateclove,Mar 15, 2020
Congrats NanoNerd !
Sent by mango_queen,Mar 15, 2020
Sent by mango_queen,Mar 15, 2020

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