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Feb 20, 2020 by ColinCoco

Welcome Houseguests to your 2nd "Week" in the Big Brother I see that alliances are being born and sadly my chat with last weeks HoH Smallchild99 has come to an end (No Secrets were shared but its very tempting.) I also saw Luke leaving with some yumy pies.

But anyways onto the HoH this weeks HoH competition is...
Were you expecting something else if you were what are you doing here this whole game is!
Anyways onto the Competition

I now announce the winner of the competition
This HoH was very lucky to win because he had four leaf clovers by his side its...

Congratulations NateClove you are the Head of Household this week and have earned yourself immunity.
Please send me your nominations by 22nd of Feb until then have a nice day Houseguests.


When you say no secrets were revealed, did you mean the secret of my insecurities that Tester is hotter and funnier than me, so that's why I put him up as a renom?

Because I told you in that confidence! You can't let him know! It's our secret!
Sent by smallchild99,Feb 20, 2020
Congratulations NateClove !!!
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Feb 20, 2020
Smallchild99 now that you posted that here I cant delete it
Sent by ColinCoco,Feb 20, 2020
Colincoco, it's okay! No one is going to be rude and read a message that wasn't directed towards them. That would be eavesdropping. This cast seems like quality people, and not rude goblins that would eavesdrop.
Sent by smallchild99,Feb 20, 2020
congrats nateclove !! hoh looks really good on you !!!
Sent by Flipflops,Feb 20, 2020
Omg I snapped!
Sent by nateclove,Feb 20, 2020
Sent by Macda27,Feb 20, 2020
Sent by mango_queen,Feb 20, 2020
Congrats Nate!
Sent by Tester,Feb 20, 2020

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