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:) February 2020 Edition

11thFeb 8, 2020 by ColinCoco
SeaViper has many great ideas for games!
Kindred7's name is apparently ColinCoco
Wade is an amazing friend to have.
lhooper902976 host's some great group games that you should definitely check out.
It is Captainzacsparrow's Partner's Dad's Birthday Happy Birthday!
Wolven6974 left the website and now my tengaged childhood is gone.
Piesyumyyumypies is great friends with Jasoi
Lifeiscool is cool
NanoNerd Host's a great Blog game that FireX does not like (I think Sorry if this isn't true)
Amnesia_ does NOT have Amnesia
MissVanjiee is great at supporting others
Washed_Ravioli probably should have won Nano's BB1
ColinCoco is running out things to say.
Malachite05 used to be an apple (I think)
TurkeyLover Doea NOT love Turkey for some reason. (You said this in a blog I think IDK where I heard it.)
aria_grande makes great stories check them out and plus them or I'll poke you (Not anywhere dangerous.)
Burgerman2929292 likes Burgers.
SeaViper also might never do an "Escape Hell" which I'm not expecting there will be now.
FlipFlops is not human but actual Flip Flops if not he is a human who likes flip flops or I'm just really dumb
Tester might actually be a Tester of Tengaged if not he's really nice and apparently doesn't spam
tswiftlover13 loves tswift
Jussy007 gives out spoons to Diva's if not he hostsnDiva Spoons which I support unlike how I support myself
ColinCoco has depression
ColinCoco wishes every tengager a nice day or night and hopes they survive the Wuhan Virus (Its very scary) (Don't ask me why I like to use ( and ) alot it's a habit).



i'm so cool!
Sent by Kindred7,Feb 8, 2020
Updated some more
Sent by ColinCoco,Feb 8, 2020
your not wrong
Sent by piesyumyyumypies,Feb 8, 2020
Everyone on here should experience Diva Spoons 馃 at least once lol
Sent by jussy007,Feb 8, 2020
Me when i did not get 1...
Sent by FireX,Feb 8, 2020
lol thanks colin ! :)
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Feb 8, 2020
ColinCoco You're right, escape hell is never coming....UNLESS...

I just found so many plot holes hat were too big to repair, and the season would have looked silly

However, I do have something else planned, so stay tuned!
Sent by SeaViper,Feb 8, 2020
SeaViper knew it!
Sent by ColinCoco,Feb 8, 2020
Malachite05 used to be an apple (I think)

Sent by Flipflops,Feb 8, 2020
Flipflops no stop laughing.
We need your ass to your body
Sent by ColinCoco,Feb 8, 2020
Actually how sweet 鉂わ笍
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Feb 8, 2020
lmao I did say that in a blog!
Sent by turkeylover,Feb 8, 2020
thanks lol :)
Sent by Tester,Feb 9, 2020
ColinCoco thanks bro
Sent by Wade,Feb 9, 2020

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