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Escape The Night Dusk Episode 2 (Part 3)

Feb 8, 2020 by ColinCoco
Nox (Age 19 The Dusk ColinCoco)
Aimee (Age 22 The Therapist Amnesia_)
Kyla (Age 25 The Convenience store Cashier Kindred7)
Francis (Age 26 The mechanic Aria_grande)
KC (Age 23 The Heiress krys1523)
Dr. Smokepants (- Age 71 - The Drunk Malachite05)
Zach (- Age 22 - the Bodybuilder Tommy123)
Orto (Age 23 The Archer jo28)
Kalypso (Age 22 The Nurse Kalypsoblack)
Ji (Age 24 The Chemist (F) JonMcGillis)
Sheena (Age 21 The Diva melindaMrskk)
Zane (NPC) (Somewhere...)
Lucas (NPC) (The Butler)
Jamie (NPC) (The CowBoy)
Daryl (NPC)
-------------DEAD CHARACTERS-----------------------------------------------------
Katie (Age 57 The Antiquer Bigdizzleyomama) (Died Episode 1 COD:Unknown)
Iuori (Pronounced Yuri) (NPC) (Died Episode 2 COD:Shot to the Head.)
-------------DEAD CHARACTERS-----------------------------------------------------

Daryl:...1 and Go.
Daryl fires into the air.

Now here's the course layout.
Daryl was too lazy to put anything in his "Course"
So its basically a race now back to the story.

Kyla is first to finish followed by Aimee,Sheena and Ji respectively.
Ji:Oh Shit. I never was good at anything Physical.
Sheena:No wonder your a chemist.
Aimee:How the heck were you so fast Kyla.
Kyla:Well I always wake up late for work so instead of walking to work I end up running to work.
Daryl joins in on the conversation
Daryl:Now let's cut the chatter and get on with the killing. So your home that way (Daryl points in a direction) just a few metres away.
Aimee:Wait what?
Sheena:Isn't Ji suppose to die because he's last.
Daryl turns his back on the 4 of them.
Daryl:Yeah whatever you say.
With a snap of his fingers Daryl disappears leaving them to head back.

At the House
The group that didn't go to the challenge is in the lounge waiting till Daryl appears.
Daryl:Hey guys!
Orto:What the Hell are you doing here!
Daryl:Well I'm here to kill one of you.
Hearing that the group spreads out more nobody wanting to die.
Daryl:Warning it isn't the guy with a drinking problem
Orto:Damn it!
Daryl:It's the guy whose talking too much right now.
Orto:Wait what
Daryl points his gun at Orto
Without thinking twice Daryl fires 3 shots at Orto killing him instantly.
Light particles start to surround Daryl and Orto's body
Daryl:Sorry bout that. But now I can move on,all I wanna say is Good luck making it back.
As Daryl says his last words his body glows brighter before fading away along with Orto's body.
The group is left with nothing but shock. Nothing is said till Ji and the other 3 enter the room and Ji breaks the silence.
Ji:Okay everyone it's rollcall time hopefully nobody died.
Zach:...Well somebody did die.
Ji:Oh God...was it because that idiot talked to much again.
Zach:Spot on...
Ji:That shit head.
Nox:Well the only thing we can do now is move on.
Ji:I guess so.
Nox:Now let's see whe-
Nox suddenly blacks out mid sentence
Lucas sees what has happened and steps in.
Lucas:He's alright this happen once every blue moon for him. He just needs to rest that's all
Jamie:Then we'll be going I guess
Lucas:Yes please go on ahead.

The group exits the house to now be in a medieval era.
KC:Guess were heading to a kingdom next.
Kalypso:Maybe but who knows.
Francis:Well I know that there is one tall hill.
Francis points to a hill with a castle on it.


And so this chapter of our story ends. Will our "Heroes" return home safely or will they be left with more bloodshed?



The reason why killed off the character who died this Episode is because their user has been inactive for a week and if they come back now I won't bring their character back. The original idea was the twist to be based of the S3 E7 twist. The poll results will now be opened so checked it out if you wanna know the results
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Most twists have been done and yes done early no more twists for now.
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Aw Kyla is everything i wish i could be in life!
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wow thank you @ everyone who saved me in that poll!!! It’s nice to see i didn’t have to spam and did ok

how many votes were there?
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Kindred7 Unlucky number 13
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