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Escape The Night Dusk Episode 2 (Part 2)

Feb 3, 2020 by ColinCoco
Nox (The Dusk ColinCoco)
Aimee (Age 22 The Therapist Amnesia_)
Kyla (Age 25 The Convenience store Cashier Kindred7)
Francis (Age 26 The mechanic Aria_grande)
KC (Age 23 The Heiress krys1523)
Dr. Smokepants (- Age 71 - The Drunk Malachite05)
Zach (- Age 22 - the Bodybuilder Tommy123)
Orto (Age 23 The Archer jo28)
Kalypso (Age 22 The Nurse Kalypsoblack)
Ji (Age 24 The Chemist (F) JonMcGillis)
Sheena (Age 21 The Diva melindaMrskk)
Zane (NPC) (Somewhere...)
Lucas (NPC) (The Butler)
Jamie (NPC) (The CowBoy)
Daryl (NPC)
-------------DEAD CHARACTERS-----------------------------------------------------
Katie (Age 57 The Antiquer  Bigdizzleyomama) (Died Episode 1 COD:Unknown)
Iuori (Pronounced Yuri) (NPC) (Died Episode 2 COD:Shot to the Head.)
-------------DEAD CHARACTERS-----------------------------------------------------

After the voting...
Lucas:The votes are in alright lets get going.
The group follows Lucas back to Daryl,where the 4 cards are shown.
Daryl:Alright-y  you all voted now time to go get the hostages.
Daryl snaps his fingers and disappears.

Daryl appears in a dark place,all the missing group members tied to several poles.
Daryl:Any of you talk and your dead I don't want anybody disturbing my talk. You all came from a different time which is pretty obvious no point arguing there,but there's a catch to this time travel shit. If it reaches morning in your time,well lets just say you'll fade from existence. Now,I got a challenge to do so I'm just gonna do the usual.
Daryl mumbles some words.
Nox,Dr. Smokepants and Orto are teleported to the rest of the group,while Aimee,Kyla,Ji and Sheena are teleported to an abandoned town.

With the group
Kalypso:Where are the rest.
Orto:Somewhere,but we don't know.
Nox:Their somewhere else let's just head back and hope they return safe and sound. While we wait I got some stuff to explain.

With Sheena's group
Daryl:Now your probably wondering whats happening. Well you see I need an Innocent person for my ritual. Well here's a challenge last person to get through the obstacle course in front of you survives,last person to make it will be that Innocent Person I mentioned and you definitely won't wanna be that person.
Daryl:Now we start in...


Here's the poll:



You sure are lucky...
Guess my life's over
Sent by ColinCoco,Feb 3, 2020
Vote to save :o i saved myself!
Sent by Kindred7,Feb 3, 2020

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