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Escape The Night Dusk Episode 2 (Part 1)

Jan 29, 2020 by ColinCoco
Nox (The Dusk ColinCoco)
Aimee (Age 22 The Therapist Amnesia_)
Kyla (Age 25 The Convenience store Cashier Kindred7)
Francis (Age 26 The mechanic Aria_grande)
KC (Age 23 The Heiress krys1523)
Dr. Smokepants (- Age 71 - The Drunk Malachite05)
Zach (- Age 22 - the Bodybuilder Tommy123)
Orto (Age 23 The Archer jo28)
Kalypso (Age 22 The Nurse Kalypsoblack)
Ji (Age 24 The Chemist (F) JonMcGillis)
Sheena (Age 21 The Diva melindaMrskk)
Zane (NPC) (Somewhere...)
Lucas (NPC) (The Butler)
Jamie (The CowBoy)
Iouri (Pronounced Yuri) (NPC)
Daryl (NPC)
-------------DEAD CHARACTERS-----------------------------------------------------
Katie (Age 57 The Antiquer  Bigdizzleyomama)
-------------DEAD CHARACTERS-----------------------------------------------------

Episode 2:
The Wild WILD West

Nox:Not from this time?
???:Well its pretty obvious with your clothes and a guy as stupid as him.
Dr. Smokepants is still drunk doing...
Whatever he does.
Kyla:But why a different time exactly and not a place.
???:Well...I guess that's better left unknown for you lot. Anyways the name's Iuori welcome to the West West,Sorry I never was good with names.
KC:Still what a pathetic name though I could think of a better name for a place like this on the spot.
Iuori:Stop pointing out the obvious and follow me if you don't want the Insane Sheriff to kill you.
Aimee:Seems like were the ones going insane with all this time travel crap.

The group is following Iuori through a dark alleyway. Orto notices a few skeletons left by the side of the alley.
Orto:What the Hell happened here.
Ji:Way too many dead bodies for my liking.
Iuori:I'll tell you what happened here if you really wanna know.
Kyla:Please Continue.
Iuori:I still remember that day when the town lost it all.  One day a tragedy hit us that day was the day the Insane Sheriff,real name Daryl,arrived but not alone.  He came with another guy,they were apparently looking for me and killed anybody in sight afterwards that other guy would pull out these blue orbs out of their bodies and well this an assumption but it seems like he "Eats" them.By the time Daryl arrived Insanity had killed him and he never seemed to let it go.
Francis:Why not let them kill you?
Iuori:What do you expect everyone's afraid of death plus if I were to die the town would be in ruin without me. Well I guess it's fine to die cause nothing's forever and somethings just have to die,and we are no better.Anyways were almost at my hideout I'll introduce you to someone.

The group arrives at Iuori's base just a few minutes later.
Iuori:Were here. Jamie come out! Jamie?
Iuori is about to head inside when a man rushes with a gun to another man.
The man holding the gun seemed off for some reason. His Right eye was normal but for reasons unknown his left eye was red.
Iuori starts to shout at the man out of rage.
Iuori:Daryl let Jamie go!
Daryl:In return?
Iuori continues without hesitation.
Iuori:You get to kill me.
Daryl smirks.
Daryl proceeds to let Jamie go and gets his gun ready.
Jamie:But sir!
Iuori:Jamie,shut up!
Daryl:After a year you finally want me to let this insanity go. Now the ritual can be done and we can move on to the next generation.
Daryl raises his gun
Daryl:It was nice knowing you.
Iuori raises his gun trying to shoot Daryl but is too late as he gets shot straight in the heart.
Iuori lays on the ground blood bleeding out but somehow still alive.
Jamie is now over Iuori's body.
Iuori:Jamie...I have one final thing I need to do where's the kid with the eye patch.
Nox:Me? Why me?
Iuori:I need to see what's under your eyepatch.
Jamie proceeds to take off Nox's eye patch before getting a kick in the guts by Nox.
Iuori:What do you see Jamie.
Nox quickly puts on his eye patch again.
Jamie:His eye it''s red.
Iuori:I knew it. Jamie kill the kid.
Daryl suddenly starts clapping gathering everyone's attention.
Daryl:Kill the kid. Now I just can't allow that. So...
Daryl snaps his finger's and half of the group disappears. Leaving only Jamie,Iuori,Zach,Kalypso,KC and Francis.
Daryl:Now let's make this fun since I still need to kill an innocent person for the ritual,each of you excluding Jamie and the soon to be deceased Iuori will vote one of your friends into a challenge where the last person to complete the challenge dies. Fun! Right?. Well anyways let's get on to it. Illucius.
As Daryl says his last word a deck of cards appears in his hands each with a group member's face and role on it.
Daryl Tosses the Deck to Francis.
Daryl:Now leave before you become the next victim of the Insane Sheriff.
Iuori:Leave Jamie! This son of a bitch would kill you if you stay here!
Jamie:I Know Bu-
Iuori:I said LEAVE!
Jamie hurries off to catch up with the group at Nox's manor.
Daryl:Rest In Peace friend.
Daryl proceeds to shoot Iuori right in the head this time leaving him dead for sure.

The group is in the Manor's lounge explaining everything to Lucas,the butler.
Lucas:I see I guess I'll handle the voting each of you will come up and choose the card of the person you want to go into the challenge. Once a card is chosen by someone else you cannot choose that card. The voting starts now.


Episode 2:
The Wild WILD West (After Voting and Challenge Episodes)

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Fun Fact:
Jamie,Daryl and Iuori are all the names of friends of mine.
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Sheena having no screentime
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where did i disappear to???
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You'll have your time to shine

Well um looks like were somewhere dark.
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