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Brantsteele Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 3

Jan 18, 2020 by ColinCoco
Galang Tribe:
me2013 (Pair #1)
SeaViper (Pair #4)
Kindred7 (Pair #6)
Shadowman (Pair #7)
Amnesia_ (Pair #10)
MinnieMax (Pair #8)

Tadhana Tribe:
redwing91 (Pair #1)
GilsGirl (Pair #4)
Etaco75 (Pair #8)
Malachite05 (Pair #6)
Yachj (Pair #7)
Danyyboy67 (Pair #10)

Galang Tribe Alliances:

Galang Tribe Alliance #1 (6 strength)
Kindred7        MinnieMax
Loyalty: 5        Loyalty: 6

Galang Tribe Alliance #2 (9 strength)
Amnesia_        SeaViper        Shadowman
Loyalty: 9        Loyalty: 9        Loyalty: 9

Tadhana Tribe Alliances:

Tadhana Tribe Alliance #1 (7 strength)
danyyboy67        Etaco75        GilsGirl        Malachite05
Loyalty: 7        Loyalty: 5        Loyalty: 9        Loyalty: 7

Redemption Island:
Krys1523, Tester, and SemNome are at Redemption Island.

Kember does not switch places with Krys1523
AntonB does not switch places with Tester
_Ravenclaw_ does not switch places with SemNome

Krys1523, Tester, and SemNome compete.

Tester finishes First
SemNome finishes Second
Krys1523 finishes last and is eliminated.

Tester gives a clue to the hidden immunity idol to Redwing91.

Immunity Challenge:
Galang Tribe wins Imuunity

Galang Tribe Events:
_Ravenclaw_ has the Galang Tribe Idol

Shadowman Isolates themselves from the rest of the tribe
Nobody wants to align with them

Tadhana Tribe Events:
Yachj has the Tadhana Tribe Idol

Nothing Occurs

Tribal Council:
Yachj uses the Idol

First vote goes to Redwing91

Second vote Redwing91

Third vote AntonB

Fourth vote Redwing91

Fifth vote AntonB

Sixth vote Redwing91

Seventh vote Redwing91

By a vote of 6-2 Tengager leaving is

16th- Redwing91 (6-2)
17th- SemNome (6-3)
18th- Tester (5-4)
19th- Krys1523 (Eliminated on Redemption Island)
20th- Unkown (Eliminated on Redemption Island)



Can I get into a single alliance

Like i'm not that gross I promise
Sent by CheapCheep,Jan 18, 2020

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