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The Trails (Trail #4)

Dec 16, 2019 by ColinCoco
aria_grande AKA Jack
tswiftlover13 AKA Taylor
NanoNerd AKA Michael
Kalypsoblack AKA Kalypso
RavenWhiteFeather AKA Dylan

Maxchaos AKA Matthew (Dead)
NateClove AKA Nate (Dead)
Tester AKA Drew (Dead)
Wolven6974 AKA Mike (Dead)

Welp um...since only NanoNerd and Aria_grande did it,guess I'll kill everybody else off.
And We'll just move on to the Finale Public vote. Tomorrow
So be ready to spam or whatever...



Sent by aria_grande,Dec 16, 2019
Gl aria_grande
Sent by NanoNerd,Dec 16, 2019

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