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Trail #4 (Practice round)

Dec 15, 2019 by ColinCoco
aria_grande AKA Jack
tswiftlover13 AKA Taylor
NanoNerd AKA Michael
Kalypsoblack AKA Kalypso
RavenWhiteFeather AKA Dylan

Maxchaos AKA Matthew (Dead)
NateClove AKA Nate (Dead)
Tester AKA Drew (Dead)
Wolven6974 AKA Mike (Dead)

Welcome back ok so what to say what to say.
Anyways onto Trail #4 Yayz
Trail 4 is called Simon says.

Pretty simple If I say Simon says harass ColinCoco,harass him
If I say Simon says don't harass ColinCoco,don't harass him
If I say harass ColinCoco,don't harass him

So in order to see that you understand the rules we'll have a practice round!
Not participating results in death.

So here goes

Simon says go say something mean to Kindred7 on this blog

Good luck



LOL NO WONDER - You’re silly colincoco <3
Sent by Kindred7,Dec 15, 2019

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