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The Trails (Trail #3 R4 Results)

Dec 12, 2019 by ColinCoco
aria_grande AKA Jack
tswiftlover13 AKA Taylor
NanoNerd AKA Michael
Kalypsoblack AKA Kalypso
Tester AKA Drew
Wolven6974 AKA Mike
RavenWhiteFeather AKA Dylan

Maxchaos AKA Matthew (Dead)
NateClove AKA Nate (Dead)

So 2 have pulled the lever but before we begin I have to make a quick change.
This round is now the final Round of the Trail as Mike is quitting and I don't wanna deal with 2 people on the list. So just for this round only the person at the bottom at the list will not be moving on to the next Trail.

Final List:
Mike (not counted)

Sorry Drew but your choice to pull the lever has doomed you if you did not pull it you would have made it into the next trail.
I'm sorry but this is the end of your story here Poison Gas will fill the room you are trapped in.
As for Mike he shall be Frozen Alive in his own room.

Until the Next Trail!

Fun Fact:This is a Fun Fact



Damn it :(
Sent by Tester,Dec 12, 2019

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