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Trail #3 (Round 1)

Nov 30, 2019 by ColinCoco
aria_grande AKA Jack
tswiftlover13 AKA Taylor
NanoNerd AKA Michael
Kalypsoblack AKA Kalypso
Tester AKA Drew
Wolven6974 AKA Mike
RavenWhiteFeather AKA Dylan

Maxchaos AKA Matthew (Dead)
NateClove AKA Nate (Dead)

Hello welcome to Trail #3 before I begin I would like to say 2 thing first whats going on with Wolven6974 I've read your blog and I will be all right if you quit on this so if you need to juist go ahead. Second the poll results with 6 votes for him to die the decision is final Maxchaos has been booted off.

Anyways Welcome to Trail #3 which is called "To pull or Not to pull"
How this comp works is that each round a random list with all your names is generated and the person at the top at the end of the round will live to move on to the next trail.
Each of you also have a switch in front of you which when pulled will randomise the list again.
At the after everybody has made their decision on whether to pull the switch or not,and the list is randomised the person at the top of the list is safe and we move on to the next round.
By the way this trail is a double death.

Current List:
Kalypso (Top)

Round 2 will be posted when I get everybody's decision on "To pull or Not to pull"


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