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The Trails (Trail #2 Results)

Nov 29, 2019 by ColinCoco
aria_grande AKA Jack
Maxchaos AKA Matthew
tswiftlover13 AKA Taylor
NanoNerd AKA Michael
Kalypsoblack AKA Kalypso
Tester AKA Drew
NateClove AKA Nate
Wolven6974 AKA Mike
RavenWhiteFeather AKA Dylan

Welcome back to the death game nobody asked for!
Last Time I had the test subjects here vote for Nate or Taylor to meet their demise.
And the results are in with an almost unanimous vote the person who shall meet their demis is
Nate! I'm sorry Nate but this is the end of your journey (and life :D) but you are now to be thrown into a place where you will rot for the rest of your life.
Nate has been thrown into his home for the rest of his life and now I have to get to another pressing issue.
Time to break the 4th wall It took a while to break the 1st 3 just so you know.
MaxChaos has been inactive for more than 3 days and I'm contemplating killing him right now for being inactive so I'm gonna put up a poll which will last till 4pm tomorrow on whether I should kill him or not!
Welp I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving!

The Poll:



Trail #3 Tomorrow!
Sent by ColinCoco,Nov 29, 2019

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