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Murder Room Day 6 The Challenge (Part 1)

Sep 13, 2019 by ColinCoco
1)Brendan ( Tommy123) (1)
2)Norie ( Gay_Horse_) (1)
4)Earth Worm ( ShaneDawson12345)
5)Ryan ( winners1)
6)Donte ( camell22)
8)Bobby ( bklimas)
9)Wrestler ( wrestler3102) (1)
12)Kyla ( Kindred7)
14)Nathan ( Nathorix) (1)
15)Victoria ( Miss_ShugaCain23)
17)Mac ( Macda27)
18)Steven ( sbmorasch)
3)Megan ( adamslater19) 18th (Head got cut off)
13)Luca ( LiukBB) 17th (Burnt Alive)
10)Nave ( NaveTreeMen) 16th (Stabbed in the heart)
7)Malachite ( malachite05) 15th (Poisoned)
16)Shelly ( ThickyVicky456) 14th (Turned to stone)
11)Nick ( nnewman3) 13th (Electrocuted)
Other Characters:
Colin ( ColinCoco)

Somewhere trapped in time at the Vampire's lair
White Hooded Person:I found it!
The White Hooded Person would pull out a Golden Goblet.
Vampires would be applauding while a Black hooded person would look terrified.
Vampire 1:Now you.
The Vampire points at the Black Hooded Person
Vampire 1:Its time for you to die.
The Vampire would then start walking towards the Black Hooded Person as ??? guards the Black Hooded Person.
???:Run ok? Dont look back.
Black Hooded Person:What the Hell are you doing!
???:Saving you.
Vampire:If you really want to die then so be it!
The Vampire would sink his teeth into ??? as they pull out a dagger and stab the Vampire.
The Vampire would then scream and it slowly fades away.
Norie would feel water splashing onto her as she slowly opens her eyes.
Norie looks around and sees Steven,Mac and Ryan tied up as well.
Soon Everybody would be awake.
Vampire:It seems your all awake. Untie the 2 new meals! Immediately!
The other Vampires would untie Norie and Steven.
Vampire:Now you 2 will be fighting for your life. A life for a life you see. It is Vampire Tradition
The Vampire points to a grave.
Vampire:Now in a few seconds you will be looking around the vampire lair for our famous Golden Goblet. The person who fails to find it shall die. As for the other 2 I shall explain later. NOW GO!
Norie and Steven start searching. (Yay :D)

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Bye love to all <3


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