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Choices Episode 1 (Part 2)

Sep 4, 2019 by ColinCoco
1.Kevin ( Kevin0621)
2.Hoop ( lhooper902976)
3.Nick ( nnewman3)
4.Akarius ( Blogmaster)
5.Earth Worm ( ShaneDawson12345)
6.Penny ( PennyTrationStan)
7.Drew ( Tester)
8.Yogscast ( YogscastBigBrother21)
9.Kyla ( Kindred7)
10.Sea ( SeaViper)

Episode 1:In your hands.

Kyla and Kevin would vote.
10 minutes later...
Kevin:...Were gonna starve to death at this rate.
Kyla:Welp it was a good life liv-
A screen in the room suddenly shows a masked man. The masked man then starts talking.
MM (Short form):It's time to wake up my little rats :D. Wait aren't suppose to be awake yet ummm. Well anyways 8 of your friends are trappe-
Kevin:We already did that.
MM:O-O Oh um ok... let me see the points. ... Well this is quite a dilemma 6 of your friends seem to have gotten the same amount of points. I guess their all going into the death challenge...
Kyla:D-Death Challenge!
MM:Yea yea its normal around here you'll get used to it. IF you survive that is. Welp I gotta open this door or my boss will kill me.
A door opens up and on the other side is Hoop and Drew.
There would be silence till Kyla suddenly pipes up
Kyla:If you plus this design I'll-
Kyla would get slapped by Hoop sending her flying to a wall
Hoop:Shut up.
Hoop would then suddenly take out a knife
Hoop:Unless you wanna die...
Everybody would then stay silent.

The other 6
A screen in each of the 3 rooms would light up.
MM:Hey there umm so how do I explain this. Ok I know! TLDR Your friends voted you to die.
Sea and Nick
Nick:Well these friends must be real shit.
Sea:But do we even know these friends...?

Penny and Yogscast would finally get the tape of their mouths.
Penny:Ow! What the F*ck
Yogscast:Why did I even have to be paired with you
Yogscast sighs
Penny:Well stop being unappreciative and shut up!

EW and Akarius
Akarius would be stamping on the bandanna's  as Earth Worm looks in Horror.
Earth Worm:No! Stop! Your killing my friends!
Akarius would look at EW and shrug. Akarius then stops and starts listening so does EW

MM:This Death Challenge will be an obstacle course. It all leads up to the same place.BUT! The last person to make it across will be trapped on one side of the obstacle course and burnt to a crisp.
The Walls behind each room starts to open up to reveal an obstacle course
MM:3 2 1 GO!
Everybody would rush through the obstacle course though one would be too slow.


Today's Blog sponsor is nobody just me hoping you plus some designs

So this was how those who went into the death challenge was decided.
Kyla and Kevin were given a list with 4 spots.
They would rank the duo's from who they wanted to save the most then to the least.
1st would get 4 points
2nd would get 3 points
3rd would get 2 and
4th would get 1.
In the end Hoop and Drew got 8 points and the rest got 4 points it was meant to be the duo with the least points going in but i had to cope with this.
You will be voting who you want alive here!

Love yall bye <3



Yay us lhooper902976 :)
Sent by Tester,Sep 4, 2019
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 4, 2019

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