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Choices Episode 1 (Part 1)

Aug 31, 2019 by ColinCoco
1.Kevin ( Kevin0621)
2.Hoop ( lhooper902976)
3.Nick ( nnewman3)
4.Akarius ( Blogmaster)
5.Earth Worm ( ShaneDawson12345)
6.Penny ( PennyTrationStan)
7.Drew ( Tester)
8.Yogscast ( YogscastBigBrother21)
9.Kyla ( Kindred7)
10.Sea ( SeaViper)

Episode 1:In your hands

The last thing anybody in the group remembered was seeing a masked guy surrounded by mist before waking up somewhere unfamiliar,old.

Kyla and Kevin would wake wake up in a Octagon shaped room 4 doors with actual locks on them and the others 4 with electronic locks
The rest would wake up in 1 of the 4 rooms with electronic locks with another person.
Room 1:EW and Akarius
Room 2:Hoop and Drew
Room 3:Penny and Yogscast
Room 4:Sea and Nick
OctoRoom:Kyla and Kevin

Kevin:Who the hell are you?
Kyla thinks of what to say back
Kyla:Who the hell are YOU?

EW and Akarius wake up and soon realise they are wearing bandanna's
Akarius would immediately take it off.
Akarius:What kind of stupid bandanna is this? Answer Trash.
EW:No their cool!
Akarius:It's obvious you have no sense in fashion Idiot.

Hoop and Drew would soon wake up
Drew and Hoop would be cuffed together
Drew:Where the hell are we...?
Hoop:Um some secret building with 3 floors where a total of 248 people are gonna die?
Drew:That's Vague...

Penny and Yogscast would wake up with Tape on their mouths and their hands cuffed. And they just try to get the tape of their mouths none are successful

Sea and Nick would wake up with nothing special for them.
Nick:Sea...? What the hell are you doing here,I thought you were going to your sister's party?
Sea:Well I was but then...
Nick:You forgot what happened again didn't you.

Kyla and Kevin would be inspecting the OctoRoom when Kyla notices a board and a note on it.
Kyla would gasp
Kyla:Oh my god a clue to help us get out of where ever we are.
Kyla would read the note.
It says "Your friends are trapped in 4 of the 8 rooms around you. You may only free 6 of them from the rooms their trapped in you may choose from the board below."
The board would have 5 photo's 1 with at least 2 people in it.  The photo of Kyla and Kevin would be grey. At the bottom right there would be text saying 6 votes left.
Kevin:Ok so first I dont know anybody here nobody here's my friend. Number 2 There are 6 votes left so I'll vote 3 of them and you'll vote 3 of them. Deal?
Kyla shrugs seeing no other option
WOOOOOOOOOOW that took 23 minutes
I'll be sending mail to #Kindred7 and #Kevin0621



Kevin you’re so smart!!!
And good luck guys i’ll try to help you
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 31, 2019
Thanks lol
Sent by Kevin0621,Aug 31, 2019

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