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Murder Rooms The Bad Ending

Aug 27, 2019 by ColinCoco
1)Brendan ( Tommy123)
2)Norie ( Gay_Horse_)
4)Earth Worm ( ShaneDawson12345)
5)Ryan ( winners1)
6)Donte ( camell22)
8)Bobby ( bklimas)
9)Wrestler ( wrestler3102)
11)Nick ( nnewman3)
12)Kyla ( Kindred7)
14)Nathan ( Nathorix)
15)Victoria ( Miss_ShugaCain23)
17)Mac ( Macda27)
18)Steven ( sbmorasch)
3)Megan ( adamslater19) 18th (Head got cut off)
13)Luca ( LiukBB) 17th (Burnt Alive)
10)Nave ( NaveTreeMen) 16th (Stabbed in the heart)
7)Malachite ( malachite05) 15th (Poisoned)
16)Shelly ( ThickyVicky456) 14th (Turned to stone)
Other Characters:
Colin ( ColinCoco)

It happened on that day...
We knew we wouldn't last long after the Detective died
The Murderer revealed their true colours.But it was never actually his doing
We ran from the Dark God even though we knew he would use The Murderer to hunt us down who was just a pawn in his little game
Before I knew it everybody else had died and I was the last one remaining or so I thought.
Was this truly suppose to happen is everybody's death in vain?
I guess I will never truly know.
Welp here is the bad ending cos the detective died/Killed the wrong person.
Now we will go back to how things actually went down.



Congrats on Brown bbfan1074!
Sent by ColinCoco,Aug 27, 2019
oh no
and congrats bbfan1074
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 27, 2019

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