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Ranking SeaViper's Escape The Night chracters

Aug 26, 2019 by ColinCoco
10th Carmella ( Carmella30)
Didn't get to know you much.

9th Shuga ( Miss_ShugaCain23)
Not that memorable in my opinion

8th Nathan ( Nathorix)
Thought you could use me no you couldn't not forever

7th Johnny ( Kindred7)
We formed a great alliance during Julian's passing plus wow you choosing me in the story wow good job Sea

6th Julian ( ShaneDawson12345)
A great character overall especially during the episode he died on you could see the relationship between him and Malachi being told early on plus he had the best episode to die at felt fitting R.I.P

5th Colin ( ColinCoco)
Yep Im here my character never met up to my expectations  but During the last few episodes I could actually feel myself  be in the story for once hope the same happens with Xoclin but I feel like im in the story as Xoclin more

4th Malachi ( Gumball221520)
He was brought back the plot thickened and things got worse cause he exploded but his first death...
He didn't deserve that death nobody does especially Justine

3rd Niko ( Matedog1209)
You were the most helpful character among the cast in my opinion you wanted everybody to make it out a good escapist.

2nd Sea ( SeaViper)
Well your sacrifice at the end...
Wait your 2nd cos look what you got my brother into

1st Drew ( bbfan1074)
Just the fact that you didn't bury Malachi and tried to stop Sea from dying,volunteering to die and being helpful got you up here you deserve it



Thanks love! I'm glad we got to survive together 馃挄馃挄馃挄
Sent by bbfan1074,Aug 26, 2019

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