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Murder Rooms Day 4 The Revival

Aug 21, 2019 by ColinCoco
1)Brendan ( Tommy123)
2)Norie ( Gay_Horse_)
5)Ryan ( winners1)
6)Donte ( camell22)
8)Bobby ( bklimas)
9)Wrestler ( wrestler3102)
11)Nick ( nnewman3)
12)Kyla ( Kindred7)
14)Nathan ( Nathorix)
15)Victoria ( Miss_ShugaCain23)
17)Mac ( Macda27)
18)Steven ( sbmorasch)
3)Megan ( adamslater19) 18th (Head got cut off)
13)Luca ( LiukBB) 17th (Burnt Alive)
10)Nave ( NaveTreeMen) 16th (Stabbed in the heart)
4)Earth Worm ( ShaneDawson12345) 15th (Shot by a ballista)
7)Malachite ( malachite05) 14th (Poisoned)
16)Shelly ( ThickyVicky456) 13th (Turned to stone)
Other Characters:
Colin ( ColinCoco)


Colin:The person being revived is...
Earth Worm.
*Colin puts the rest of the cards in the box he keeps holding then strums the harp*
Colin:Happy 1 month anniversary
Kyla:What did you say?
Colin:Oh! Um nothing
Brendan:If you say so guy who invited us to die.
*Colin looks pissed off at Brendan but ignores him*
10 Minutes later
After waiting for 10 minutes in the room the door suddenly opens and on the other side of the room is Earth Worm holding the very thing that killed him
Bobby:What are you holding?
Earth Worm:I dont remember...
Wrestler:Do you remember being shot by a ballista?
*Flash Back to Earth Worms death*
*Earth Worm suddenly remembers something*
Earth Worm: Guys Foll-
Brendan:So what happened after you died?
Earth Worm:Well I had to sign this contract but that doesn't matter right now!
*Earth Worm leaves the room and heads to the locks (Yes its now locks) and the group follows*
Earth Worm:Wrestler put the key you got here. *Points to a lock*
*Wrestler puts the key in and immediately pulls it put as the lock suddenly unlocks itself.*
Wrestler:So it did work.
*Wrestler looks suspiciously at Earth Worm as he somehow knew the key was on him*
Room Reveal time!
2 rooms are here the  Main Bed and the Basement (Where Luca died).
Room List:
Dining Room
Main Hall
2nd Floor Hall
Storage Room
Anvil Room
Main Bed

WHAT TO DO: Send me which room you wanna go to but Mac and Ryan



what’s with that key??
and i’ll think about it and let you know! Glad to have Earthworm back though
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 21, 2019
Who knows probably related to challenges?
Sent by ColinCoco,Aug 21, 2019

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