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Murder Rooms Day 4 The Story (Part 1)

Aug 13, 2019 by ColinCoco
1)Brendan ( Tommy123)
2)Norie ( Gay_Horse_)
5)Ryan ( winners1)
6)Donte ( camell22)
7)Malachite ( malachite05)
8)Bobby ( bklimas)
9)Wrestler ( wrestler3102)
11)Nick ( nnewman3)
12)Kyla ( Kindred7)
14)Nathan ( Nathorix)
15)Victoria ( Miss_ShugaCain23)
16)Shelly ( ThickyVicky456)
17)Mac ( Macda27)
18)Steven ( sbmorasch)
3)Megan ( adamslater19) 18th (Head got cut off)
13)Luca ( LiukBB) 17th (Burnt Alive)
10)Nave ( NaveTreeMen) 16th (Stabbed in the heart)
4)Earth Worm ( ShaneDawson12345) 15th (Shot by a ballista)
Other Characters:
Colin ( ColinCoco)

Room reveal time!
Wait why is Malachite not moving?
I think Malachite was the person who got poisoned on the 2nd day (I think Malachite did not reply on the 1st day and so she got a random room.)
Malachite was a Innocent and I can finally do Room events again :D

1)Brendan (Tommy123)
2)Norie (Gay_Horse_)
5)Ryan (winners1)
6)Donte (camell22)
8)Bobby (bklimas)
9)Wrestler (wrestler3102)
11)Nick (nnewman3)
12)Kyla (Kindred7)
14)Nathan (Nathorix)
15)Victoria (Miss_ShugaCain23)
16)Shelly (ThickyVicky456)
17)Mac (Macda27)
18)Steven (sbmorasch)
3)Megan (adamslater19) 18th (Head got cut off)
13)Luca (LiukBB) 17th (Burnt Alive)
10)Nave (NaveTreeMen) 16th (Stabbed in the heart)
4)Earth Worm (ShaneDawson12345) 15th (Shot by a ballista)
7)Malachite (malachite05) 14th (Poisoned)
Other Characters:
Colin (ColinCoco)




Happy an inactive player is gone
Sent by lhooper902976,Aug 13, 2019
I haven't been inactive I have set a room every day (but true I might have missed day 1 u right). I accept my fate either way!
Sent by malachite05,Aug 14, 2019
I was quite sad when you had to go active's dont deserve this plus you could have been Sheriff
At least the new Sheriff and Murderer are active.
Sent by ColinCoco,Aug 14, 2019

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