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Why am I like this (seeking advice)

Apr 8, 2022 by Coffeybean94
Someone tell me to chill tf out please?? Anyone who knows me knows I’m passionate about cannabis, and have been working in retail convenience stores/gas stations the last 5/6 years, the last 3 I really have only stayed because I’ve had my ideal schedule (day shift/weekdays)
On Monday I randomly was inspired to go on an indeed application spree and scored an interview for the next day at a new medical dispensary opening literally 2 minutes away from my house, pay is 2.50 more than I’m making and I’d be eligible for benefits after the first month (which I’ve wanted for a while)
Did the interview Wednesday morning and got called with an offer 30 minutes after I left the interview and verbally accepted. But now I’m overwhelmed and probably over thinking about all of it. It’s a job I’ve always wanted, but I’m unsure about how I feel about not having a solid schedule each week (hours would vary days/nights, weekdays/weekends) and am unsure if I’d screw things up requesting a more solid schedule? Or am I just a spoiled bitch and should I get over working some weekends?
Also it may just be the loyal and friendly person that I am but I’m overwhelmed with the thought of leaving my current boss? She’s like a work mom to me but she doesn’t take the news of employees leaving very well.

In conclusion I’m a mess?? I should be excited instead of stressing so hard right?? Just had to write this out somewhere LMAO


I feel this is completely normal especially if you built a bond with your boss. The other job does seem to have more benefits tho John
Sent by brightongal,Apr 8, 2022
hmmm I feel like places evolve so much and the prospect of a different schedule shouldn't alarm you so much. to me the new gig sounds better overall and if your work mom wanted what's best for you she'd understand! with time and experience I'd imagine you'd have more wiggle room with your hours?
Sent by Notsae,Apr 8, 2022
Fees into your excitement , get your foot in the door because its easier to ask for change if people see you have a solid work ethic first (they're more likely to be up to help facilitate because losing you over it wouldn't be worth it if that makes sense ) but either way I'd say go for it , an ideal schedule is just that it's an ideal . That you have right now that could change at any point , your love of the industry is something that'll clearly never change , and if this place doesn't work out long term , having experience in the field will make it easier to get another job in it in the future .

And as for your work boss if she genuinley cares she will want you to do what's best for your career , she's done what's best for hers now its your turn to do the same .

Gl whatever you decide though!
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Apr 8, 2022

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