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Game does not respect game

1stAug 5, 2022 by CocoVanderbilt
People on this site have never respected gameplay. They can't handle being outplayed and they can't handle it when someone backstabs them to further themselves in the game. On this site game does not respect game. The less you do, the better your chances of winning are, because you didn't upset the jury. So many actually amazing gameplays being discredited just because they did what Survivor is all about: they outwitted, outlasted and outplayed all the others.

To quote the jury from Will's Survivor: "We made a decision that we will be voting for the player who did the least to troll the other 2. Karma for playing so hard and for getting us out."

General thought process of a Tengaged Group Game Jury.



i mean that's kidna like real reality shows if you have a salty cast its unfortunate but you gotta deal with it
Sent by rohanprabhu,Aug 5, 2022
spilled amiga
Sent by Absolutely,Aug 5, 2022
Sent by systrix,Aug 5, 2022
I don鈥檛 think anyone cares enough to respect gameplay cuz it鈥檚 a dying gay ORG site, like why you trying to win that bad anyway?
Sent by moup94,Aug 5, 2022
Sent by ParvatiS,Aug 6, 2022
Sent by Miiaa,Aug 6, 2022
Im not exactly sure why I鈥檓 being tagged here but go off!
Sent by ahea7561,Aug 6, 2022

at end of day though, gotta play the game, and part of game its about knowing your jury. I feel everyone who makes f3 deserves it but if can't have jury then messed up. But just game and u did best you could. But gl xx and can learn from this and know how too play well and also keep into account how jury works, gl
Sent by BBlover96,Aug 6, 2022
Sent by zorbo678,Aug 6, 2022
Love you 馃
Sent by Jameslu,Aug 6, 2022
You ate up
Sent by JoshBB1999,Aug 6, 2022
I mean Russell Hantz Literally won 3 seasons of Survivor but lame ass Sandra gets handed wins cause she is fat and out of shape so never has the power to do anything.
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Aug 6, 2022
oh i slayed sm i was robbed!!!!
Sent by Typhlosion37,Aug 6, 2022
Yeah about 90% of stars winners
Sent by Colter,Aug 6, 2022
Sent by Midiaw,Aug 6, 2022
Sent by AliBonico,Aug 6, 2022
Sent by Thiii,Aug 6, 2022

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