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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Feb 21, 2022 by Chic
Today I shall be making my grand YouTube return with an upgraded set and another cooking video to show you an iconic MBD recipe. It鈥檚 been a while so if you have any questions I can answer while I cook drop em below!


Sent by Chic,Feb 21, 2022
What are your fav fashion Icons? Designers? and brands? 馃挄
Sent by systrix,Feb 21, 2022
Did you make your blog picture?

What is it?
Sent by zachbbs,Feb 21, 2022
What would you consider the best and worst song you recorded?
Sent by Thirteen,Feb 21, 2022
1. Would you rather collaborate with GRIMES or RINA. And why.

2. Favourite loose woman. (Rich needs to answer this too)

3. Perform Shinigami Eyes
Sent by Jenii_Valenta,Feb 21, 2022
3. Perform Shinigami Eyes
Sent by zachbbs,Feb 21, 2022
Whose more glamorous, you or rich?
Sent by SweetBlossomrose1,Feb 21, 2022
need chili cheese nachos recipe
Sent by Minie,Feb 21, 2022

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