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Blue Bannisters Ranking

Oct 22, 2021 by Chic
14. Dealer
13. If You Lie Down
12. Thunder
11. Blue Bannisters
10. Violets For Roses
9. Sweet Carolina
8. Beautiful
7. Arcadia
6. Text Book
5. Cherry Blossom (I really loved the original a lot and was very happy to see this on the album)
4. Black Bathing Suit
3. Nectar Of The Gods (this was a nice surprise as she renamed it I had no idea it was this song)
2. Living Legend
1. Wildflower Wildfire

This album (despite the obvious unreleased tracks being included) feels a lot like her early unreleased stuff in general I hope she continues in this direction and maybe gives us more of those early classics on her next album!

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Sent by Jengaged,Oct 22, 2021

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