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Mar 1, 2021 by Chic
This week the players submitted songs by me, the host! But which of my songs do I still rate and which of the selections is my least favourite?

You all gave great submissions actually and this was hard to judge. Let’s see the results;

1. WhitneyIce178 ‘Mistress’
I consider this to be the pièce de résistance of my career. I feel it captures every angle of my life and my different music styles all in one. A masterpiece if I do say so myself 😂

2. LovelyKiss ‘Freak Show’
This is one of my all time favourites! I was so obsessed with this when I made it it’s just so fun and catchy and I love the beat and everything, great pick!

3. xCelestex ‘Tell Her What You Like’
A great pick, this was my favourite on the Mistress album at the time or release, it probably isn’t anymore tbh but still a fab song.

4. Lukesaur ‘Gimme’
I was actually quite shocked seeing the response to this one. A lot of people tell me this is their favourite on the Mistress album which I really wasn’t expecting but it’s made me appreciate it more knowing the fans enjoy.

5. Shawnpat7 ‘She Knows’
The scandalous leaked song. I really liked this but it wasn’t going to work on the Mistress album. I’m glad it got to see the light of day though even if it was a leak!

6. Joaoricos ‘Work For Me’
This was such a fun moment making this Lmao. I’d just released a much more serious pop record and I just wanted to make something fun and sassy and that’s how this was born. It ended up setting the theme for the entire Rogue record.

7. Delete2544 ‘All The Fucks I Give’
This was cut from the Mistress album because I didn’t feel like it fit the theme at all but I wanted to release it anyway and I’m glad I did. It’s a nice chill pop song and a lot of people like it. I always forget it exists though since it’s not on an album.

8. Eoin ‘Lick Me’
My debut single. I went through a period of really hating this song but I guess I’ve gone full circle with it and appreciate it for what it is and the time of my life where I was just making fun music like this. Definitely not my favourite though.

9. TurkeyLover ‘On The Floor’
Like Lick Me this was a great moment at the time but I just can’t rank this above anything else that was posted. It is one of the only tolerable ones from my 1st album but it’s kinda tripe lmao and doesn’t stand up to my more recent songs. ELIMINATED.


wow im slaying
Sent by whitneyice178,Mar 1, 2021

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