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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Jan 17, 2021 by Chic
After Britney's ( ItsAustin) eviction on day 58, the final 5 were faced with 3 competitions that would eventually seal the fate for this weeks evcitee.

Each of the 3 competitions would see one queen earn their safety for the week as well as earning a vote to evict one of the 2 queens who lost the competitions.

In the first challenge it was Kesha ( LovelyKiss) who earnt her first win in weeks and secured her place in the final 4.

In shocking scenes at the 2nd competition as host MBD sung for the players it was Gwen ( Minie) who won her first competition of the season and earnt her safety.

Battling it out on the final day it was eventually Marina ( Irelia) who secured her safety leaving Diana ( Eoin) and Miley ( Lemjam6) facing eviction.

When the safe queens cast their votes it was revealed that by a vote of 2-1, Diana was evicted and finished in 5th place.

Diana, you turned the game upside down but today your journey was stopped in the name of love.


Sent by LovelyKiss,Jan 17, 2021
Thank you for keeping me queens!
Sent by Lemjam6,Jan 17, 2021
What a fat joke
Sent by zachbbs,Jan 17, 2021
Sent by Eoin,Jan 17, 2021
The matriarchs were so robbed :(
Sent by zachbbs,Jan 17, 2021
Duh cause I didn’t need to win before. I won when I had to.
Sent by Minie,Jan 17, 2021

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