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Dec 26, 2020 by Chic
After Cher's ( MmabatlokoaMolefe) shock eviction on day 36, the remaining 8 queens were faced with another twist they had not yet seen.

Each one of them would face off against one of their fellow queens with only one queen in each heat moving on to the next round. The eliminated queens fate would be left only in the hands of the winner of the final round.

Marina ( Irelia) faced off against Diana ( Eoin) where Diana snatched the win. Kesha ( LovelyKiss) faced off against Gwen ( Minie) where Gwen was thrashed. Rina ( Delete2544 was paired up with Billie ( Eilish) where Rina slayed her competitor, and Miley ( Lemjam6) faced off against Britney ( ItsAustin) where Miley put Brit to shame.

In the second round Diana was eliminated by Kesha and Miley was eliminated by Rina leaving the 2 pals to face off in the final round. It was eventually Kesha who won and with great success came great responsibility.

As the girls finished their boxing day feast Kesha now had the biggest decision of the game so far on her hands. She had to single handedly evict one of her fellow queens. She decided without much pause for thought that it was Billie's turn to head to the jury house.

Billie, the party is over and it seems you did not get everything you wanted.


are you doing a season 3 after this?
Sent by tast519,Dec 26, 2020
Maybe at some point tast519
Sent by Chic,Dec 26, 2020
thrashed??? he literally googled every answer and faster at it with his stupid mac.
Sent by Minie,Dec 27, 2020

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