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BB22 Week 6 Rank

Sep 13, 2020 by Chic
Things are getting spicy as we enter the jury stages. So we lost Janelle and all 4 of her allies pre-jury but it looks like the tables might be starting to turn!


11. Christmas - She's the one who constantly pisses me off, I don't think she knows what she's doing and will end up with a nice 6th or something.
10. Kevin - Sooo bored of his whining, I'm glad Da'Vonne is able to save him for her benefit but I don't like him.
9. Memphis - He's really just quite a horrible person IMO, the worst kind of guy.
8. Nicole - OMG another whiner, she's only this high by default.
7. David - He's very pretty but a bit of a waste of space in the game.
6. Enzo - I still like him but getting slightly bored of him and his bromances.
5. Tyler - He's actually a sweet guy I can't keep hating on him for his ugly hair.
4. Cody - Pissed myself at all 3 wanting to throw that HOH last minute LMAO.
3. Dani - Dani shoots back to being likeable this week after making good nominations and seemingly teaming up with Queen Day.
2. Ian - Sliding into the background again this week but I still love him more than most of these freaks.
1. Da'Vonne - Proud of her this week. I need her to pull through and keep winning comps!

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