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BB22 Week 5 Rank

Sep 10, 2020 by Chic
Ahead of the live vote and eviction tonight at 8/7 central!


12. Christmas - Very sick of her now, she's extremely stupid and annoying. Why is she so loyal to this alliance she is clearly at the bottom of?
11. Memphis - Creep.
10. Kevin - Whiney maggot.
9. David - He's hot but watching dumb people on BB is quite frustrating.
8. Nicole - Was nice to see her give Da'Vonne that money and I guess now Janelle is out she isn't targetting my favs anymore.
7. Dani - She's still a nasty bitch but at least she's team Day this week.
6. Enzo - Haven't seen much of him this week but still love him.
5. Tyler - Wow I guess he's growing on me, was nice to see him try and self evict for the girls but oh well.
4. Cody - I'm bipolar on my feelings for him but he's sexy I can't help.
3. Bayleigh - Tragic week for Bay sad for her.
2. Ian - Poor pea being poorly this week :(.
1. Da'Vonne - Really hope she is staying tonight I don't want to lose another fav!

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