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My problem with masks

Sep 6, 2020 by Chic
We know that coronavirus isn’t airborne (meaning it doesn’t linger in the air like other viruses for any longer than a few seconds) therefore unless someone directly sneezes or coughs on you - which you’d hope most people would have the decency not to do, it isn’t going to be transmitted to you via the air. It’s almost always going to come from when you touch surfaces where other people have sneezed the virus onto.

It’s when you then touch that surface and touch your face afterwards that 90% of people will catch the virus.

Now if you are wearing a mask, I know personally I’m going to want to be adjusting it and probably touching my face a lot more than I normally would, which makes it anti productive for me personally. Maybe others don’t have that problem but I definitely do.

I think if you are in close proximity with people ie. a train, bus or in a crowded shop then it makes sense to wear one, but besides that it honestly seems smarter to not wear one and avoid touching your face completely.


I look fancy with my mask
Sent by David2560,Sep 6, 2020
(Idk how true it is) but I’ve heard that just talking or yelling or w/e that even if you aren’t sneezing or coughing the “droplets” are coming out of your mouth.
Sent by Rocker917,Sep 6, 2020
latest studies overwhelmingly suggest it is airborne and droplets from talking are also very real
Sent by Elio86,Sep 6, 2020
Oh for sure that’s legit rocker917 elio86 but the droplets don’t remain in the air if people are social distancing you shouldn’t ever be close to someone for it to be a problem.
Sent by Chic,Sep 6, 2020

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