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Scotty allows

May 26, 2020 by Chic
Anyone to post his designs. I’m not sure why it’s a problem that he asks for something in return.


excuse me?
Sent by SugarCrash,May 26, 2020
+15, I personally wouldn’t pay money but I understand why the person who made it would want something in return

I don’t know who’s stealin what but if the defense is “it’s from a doll site!!!” then make ya own damn design idk
Sent by alexclow345,May 26, 2020
Lmao good point alexclow345 but they’re actually not from doll sites anyway he draws them all
Sent by Chic,May 26, 2020
Oh then that’s even worse! chic
Sent by alexclow345,May 26, 2020
Just asking in case I am going for a shop.
1)Is he in charge of giving permissions for his designs or is there another use in charge of it?
2)Do we generally need to pay real money to use his designs?
Sent by ilovetosing,May 26, 2020
yes and yes ilovetosing
Sent by FelipeS,May 26, 2020

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