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  1. Gift me Versace for a gift back!
  2. For every 50 points
  3. Who should I vote out of survivor?
  4. This is what happens
  5. Follow me on Instagram
  6. I don’t understand why Camila Cabello has so..
  7. Isn’t it like 7am in India rn?
  8. Eilish
  9. Fear of a word
  10. Interesting
  11. Do you know me?
  12. I drew Ciaras album cover on my mans arm
  13. Why are people writing
  14. Question
  15. Whatever happened to
  16. Wow I'm top of monthly rankers somehow
  17. My shopping spree is finally over
  18. Thank you so much!
  19. Layers of lard babe
  20. Which tengagers live in New Jersey
  21. What’s everyone going as for Halloween?
  22. B’Day Song
  23. Gang Bang
  24. GREY'S ANATOMY Character Ranking
  25. It’s not a secret hun
  26. When literally everyone thinks you’re insane
  27. Let’s see a picture of you babe
  28. And I’m racist??????
  29. 🧡
  30. Are you kidding me?
  31. My boy kit farts a lot
  32. Anyone know where I can find
  33. Kary from RHOD
  34. Is Malibu Barbiie Delish the new GaGa?
  35. Is Normani the new Beyoncé?
  36. Awwh my kitties
  37. Sweet news
  38. 🧐
  39. Honestly get a life
  40. Gift me a Versace gown

Gift me a Versace gown

Oct 8, 2019 by Chic
In snotty shop and I’ll gift you back something brand new and exclusive from my next gift shop opening Friday!


Sent by FelipeS,Oct 8, 2019

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