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Madonna Updated Album Rankings!

Aug 23, 2019 by Chic
About a year on from discovering Madonna's discography my ranking of her albums has definitely changed a lot! Of course I already knew a lot of the singles but had never listened to any of her albums in full.

Original Ranking:

Here's an updated ranking based on what I've stayed listening to the last year and with the addition of her new album!

14. Erotica (1992) - Still undoubtedly her worst album IMO. Deeper and Deeper I still love but the rest.. my name is no.

13. Ray Of Light (1998) - My opinions on this classic are still not too high. Frozen is iconic, To Have And Not To Hold I like and The Power Of Goodbye is nice too. The rest is poo.

12. Hard Candy (2008) - This is a terrible album really, the singles are almost the only good tracks IMO.

11. Like A Prayer (1989) - Besides the title track which I love, I don't listen to anything else.

10. Madonna (1983) - I still like this album and it's a great 80s album but I rarely listen to any of it's tracks.

9. True Blue (1986) - My review is still the same. The singles are great, the rest not so much.

8. Music (2000) - I have very mixed feelings about this album because I love a lot of the tracks including bonus track 'Cyberraga' which I didn't hear originally but there is also a lot of tripe on it.

7. MDNA (2012) - I originally ranked this as my #1 probably because it felt familiar to a lot of other albums I like and it is still a great album to listen to as a whole, but on reflection I suppose it's quite generic and not all that special.

6. Confessions On A Dancefloor (2005) - It's a great album and probably her most iconic but I really don't listen to it all that much despite liking it all.

5. American Life (2003) - I still really like this album, a lot of brilliant tracks that I still sometimes play.

4. Like A Virgin (1984) - There are a lot of tracks on this album that I still like to play, mostly the singles but also the stand out track for me is 'Stay'.

3. Rebel Heart (2015) - This album has a lot of great lyrics and melodies, when I listen to it there really isn't a bad song for me.

2. Bedtime Stories (1994) - Ranked way too low on my original ranking, it's grown to be one of my favourite Madonna albums. I love the chill vibe of it and it is her most cohesive album with some a lot of amazing tracks.

1. Madame X (2018) - I stand by what I said when this album came out, I truly think it is her best. It's experimental, edgy and has a lot of different styles and sounds but it still manages to be cohesive and work as a whole. I love it! Perhaps it's biased due to it being the newest but for now at least, this is my favourite!

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im glad you ranked RH so high its one of my favs along with bedtime stories i kinda agree with erotica i could only get into erotica/fever. american life so underrated so ill say this is a good list!
Sent by LovelyKiss,Aug 23, 2019
I've only listened to a few Madonna albums so I'm not a stan by any means but I appreciate the tag so i'll comment my views from someone who is a normie

-Ray of Light is so low :( I rly liked it esp for it's time
-Like A Prayer is a classic but I can see why its ranked low for sure
-Shocked to see MDNA so high, out of the 6 I've listened to its my least fave for sure
-Period @ Like a Virgin top 5
-Rebel Heart is my for sure fave album of hers and probably always will be even if I get into her other albums some more
-Like I said on Jake's blog I think the second half of Madame X is rly bad :X it got so boring after a while. But I REALLY like the beginning, it really is edgy and different and it reminds me of the experimental nature of her older albums (at least the ones I've listened to)

I'd personally rank them Rebel Heart > Ray of Light > Like A Prayer > Like A Virgin > Madame X > MDNA but I haven't listened to any of them besides Rebel Heart/Madame X in a hot minute so maybe I should get back into her and see if my opinions change :)
Sent by peace123,Aug 23, 2019
I still haven't listened to Madame X yet.  I need to though <3
Sent by NotAfraid,Aug 23, 2019

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