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It鈥檚 ok I鈥檓 not ok Oct 1, 2021
I do not mind the rain sometimes

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Happy Birthday to the WONDERFUL Sep 29, 2021
carolinasteele <3333 OMG this girl! I dont even know how to put into words how amazing she is ! I love how much we are alike in many ways and you are like my younger sister/ best friend. You have such a kind soul and just bring out this shining bright light into this world. I just love that no matter how hard things can be sometimes you are always so optimistic and fun loving, with such a great imagination. I literally can鈥檛 wait until we meet and I hope you had a great birthday ! I love you so much Kirsten!! 馃挏
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Libra Season 鈾庯笍 Sep 24, 2021
imageHappy Birthday to alll my Libra besties (meme too true tbh lool)

kingjames13 RIP (exactly 100 days ago)
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Pretty in Pink Sep 24, 2021
Even tho pink is not rly my colour
Loool love you bblover96 馃槝
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I wish I knew Sep 14, 2021
What life felt like without anxiety :)
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Happy Birthday to my Bestie Jul 29, 2021
Jake !! 馃А

I love you so much! You鈥檙e such a kind, fun, down to earth person and I鈥檓 so glad we met.  I love that we share our love for music festivals and I hope  our dream of one day going together comes true (Lost lands 2022!!)  I hope you have a fantastic day, you deserve it! <3

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