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  2. The thing is
  3. Another day
  4. If you spam me for a vote in stars
  5. So when did auctions
  6. Post male hair and pokemon hoodies said shops
  7. I just bought a panini press
  8. Dont think im going to
  9. just worked a 9 hour shift
  10. Just got home from work
  11. Really wasnt expecting
  12. X-Ray results came back
  13. Anyone home?
  14. When you need to be up at 5
  15. Getting an xray tomorrow morning
  16. No pic
  17. Should I buy the shirt in Alexias
  18. May I Insert Myself
  19. Update
  20. So this week's been fun
  21. I got sunblock in my eye
  22. Casually getting ready for work
  23. ~~~~~~~~~~
  24. who wants to buy my account?
  25. Finally
  26. Sweet
  27. I got promoted again :*
  28. I can barely keep my eyes open
  29. Just FYI
  30. HOLY wow
  31. Found a power
  32. Retweet
  33. Here's why we can't have nice things
  34. Hey, I know I left the website but
  35. Should I commit to being fully broke
  36. Really wish I wasn't broke
  37. Oh sweet Matisse's multis are gone
  38. Between
  39. I love buying an e-book
  40. My avatar is a snack

I got sunblock in my eye

Oct 11, 2019 by CheapCheep
And i'm blind now



Sent by SmoothStalker12,Oct 11, 2019
how r u typing if u are blind :S
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Oct 11, 2019
oh shit that sounds so uncomfortable :( but good for you for wearing sunscreen!
Sent by Kindred7,Oct 11, 2019
BlueLagoon506 God gave me 2 eyes you silly moose
Sent by CheapCheep,Oct 12, 2019

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