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PYN for an Opinion

10thAug 24, 2019 by CheapCheep
Everyone else is doing it. Why can't I? Not holding back either, if I got something to say i'll say it. If idk you then i'll just tag you at the end with a virtual thumbs up.

Arris We played survivor together a really long time back, and I back stabbed you pretty bad. That being said, I hope there aren't still hard feelings because you're a pretty genuine and honest person to play games with and overall I enjoyed being able to meet you.

ManniBoi Your name sticks out to me because I believe when I was stealing from shops (back in the good ol' days), you were the one who unfortunately got the short end of the stick every time. Luckily those days are behind me so hopefully nobody else gets in the way of your pixels again.

JonMcGillis The random blog games you hosted were a great way for me to kill time. Haven't seen them around as of lately though, so maybe this comment can be the cattle prod that starts that up again lol.

Darbe The only thing that sticks out to me is being targeted by you and your alliance in Aquamarine's "The 100" game. Not that I hold a grudge. Your blogs are pretty funny though so stay English.

boicam77 Talked a bit more recently through Skype. I think overall you're pretty chill to be around.

XxLoveWakizaxX It's been an extremely long time since we would've chat with each other. Most of the time whenever we were in a game together, I felt like you were someone who'd have my back and I'd have yours. Don't know if that still works out after such a long time, but overall I've enjoyed games we've played together in the past.

BengalBoy The fact I see your comments and plusses on my blogs a few hours after they've been posted must mean I'm doing something right. Think we share a similar sense of humor, you just pull it off better. So keep being you.

Thumper91 Definitely top of the list when it comes to nice, mild-mannered users on this site. Most people can't really deny that. The stars polls speak for themselves.

gabrieltrezza honestly
i would have sex with you over anyone on tengaged any day
(for anyone that's confused, check my AskMe)

LovelyKiss see boicam77's and pretend I wrote something more meaningful ^^^

GothicZebra A legend when it comes to designing. I swear the male hair you post is going to be the death of my T's. Keep up the good work!

NotAfraid 馃憤 (we haven't talked enough for me to feel confident writing anything)
varlto 馃憤
KateN7766 馃憤


Gabbie <3
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