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  1. Aaaaaaaaaand I'M LEAVING TENGAGED!
  3. ayy lmao
  4. When you walk 7 miles to school
  5. Who's ranked 100th lol
  6. First time in a while
  7. why is stars still a thing on this site
  8. UMM WHY
  9. Uhh
  10. Didn't get a chance to say this earlier
  11. I dont regret a damn thing
  12. So I have 2100+T's
  13. Not very often
  14. woah wtf
  15. So after a year of inactivity
  16. am i relevant now
  17. Truth Tea Though
  18. Is there a study sheet for Find Me
  19. You know what a gross comp is
  20. So Find Me
  21. I'll just leave this here
  22. So I didnt realize
  23. so turns out
  24. how does the scoring work
  25. Do you think
  26. So
  27. Real question is
  28. wtf is this new comp
  29. I literally woke up
  30. Deal's been changed
  31. i spent 700 dollars on textbooks today
  33. Sure do love playing survivor
  34. Looking dapper af
  35. Anyone else realize
  36. Guess who saw a prostitute
  37. daddy come back
  38. Money: 1651.5 T$Need some T$? - Paypal
  39. We havent had sun for 3-4 DC's in a row now
  40. I fucking hate Arizona

Anyone else realize

Jul 6, 2017 by CheapCheep
Ad Blocker works for the ads on Tengaged as well?

Might come in handy when you want to play Survivor and not see furry porn.



no because honestly some of the ads here are hot as fuck LMOA

I'm thirsty and want to see dicks god dammit
Sent by MickJagger,Jul 6, 2017
MickJagger I mean I can always disable ad blocker if people find some juicy ads :*
Sent by CheapCheep,Jul 6, 2017
i can't figure out how to disable mine i'm so annoyed
Sent by MickJagger,Jul 6, 2017
MickJagger If you use Google Chrome (aka you aren't an uncultured swine) and it's anything resembling my ad blocker, it's gonna be in the top right of the toolbar, click on the ad blocker logo, and then you should have an option to disable for this site.
Sent by CheapCheep,Jul 6, 2017

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