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  1. What a surprise
  3. Also was anyone suprised by
  4. Cody is so stupid
  5. Cody you can win the game
  6. Cody you can win the game
  7. Derrick win hoh
  8. I just want to see Derrick
  9. Lol at the news
  10. Ferguson
  11. It's funny
  12. I wanna join stars
  13. So how many wins does Donny have?
  14. LOL at some of the spam I get
  15. It's very rare that a season with good game play
  16. This season of big brother is boring yes?
  17. That moment when you achieved your dream
  18. Another week of not watching big brother
  19. Imagine if we had a spam folder
  20. What did I say about Britany being Elissa
  21. Ok rich gays of tengaged
  22. oh my god
  23. I blame anyone
  24. Teammates that don't do any work
  25. Honest question
  26. The twinks on tengaged
  27. Brittany
  28. You know how people made fun of
  29. I've got a shit ton of T$
  30. I'm confused as to who will leave this week lol
  31. I called it
  32. Anytime tengaged wants my favorites
  33. If I could redo my answers
  34. Where are all my skype friends at
  35. Add me to a call
  36. Anyone else loving
  37. Yo but really how do people
  38. I'll gift anyone who finds me
  39. Wait wtf...
  40. When your friends say

The travesty of this design game

Mar 20, 2009 by Charming2010
imageIf in fact, it goes anonymous, we all know what designs are going to win.  NOT the ones people we are going to use, BUT the most wierest ugliest CRAZIEST ones! That's why I want you all to recognize before this whole voting process begins, yeah, the one you like best, but also the one you'd actually think looks good, or you would wear.
PS. It was a just a thought


Alisonweds anonymous thing will actually work.
Sent by Yankee1006,Mar 20, 2009
Sent by Alisowned,Mar 20, 2009
The game will go down a STORM fo sho
Sent by Richpaca,Mar 20, 2009
Sent by imxrated93,Mar 20, 2009

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