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  1. do people on tengaged still do the whole
  2. Johnny (Aquamarine) is hosting a skype game
  3. anyone wants to play eviction notice
  4. Someone entertain me
  6. Would the bathhouse be extra busy today
  7. I like a few of you in stars
  8. so whos sending me butt pics tonight
  9. Tag the user
  10. 5 more for FROOKS
  11. If I Hosted a Music Trivia Tournament
  12. I wish Tempo would win
  13. wait how old is bruno?
  14. time to find my stars showmance
  15. we're really getting mad over hunger games in 2019
  16. who wants to play some strip poker
  17. Is Tengaged all kinds of fucked for anyone else??
  18. Someone send me butt pics im bored
  20. 🎶 Musical RuPaul's Drag Race Chart Season 2..
  21. I got a worse percentage than JORDANLLOYDFAN???
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  24. will send better pics
  25. ⭐ STARS #533 - FINALS VLOG ⭐
  26. Ask Me Anything About Stars or Me or Yourself or..
  27. I'm gonna make a Stars Finals Vlog
  28. I also made my first Final Three 😭
  29. I've got nothing but a jockstrap on so
  30. Imma go take a shower
  31. Come join me on Binb!
  32. Holy Shit Thank You Tgag < 333
  33. Is it considered as porn to post
  34. This Stars cast is really infuriating to play with
  35. if im about to jerk off do i need to announce it
  36. Oh my god thank you 60.2% < 3
  37. Alright last push to stay in stars
  38. Thanks for all the saves so far < 3
  39. Alright so what attention ploy


3rdFeb 2, 2019 by CharlieBibi
imageWoo Wee Tengaged I made it. I just want to thank you all for the support this week it really has meant a lot to me and hopefully I didn't disappoint you all < 3

This Stars, I won't lie, it was such a massive struggle for me early on. I came in without knowing anyone and with a massive headache which is why I went up early. Once I did though, I decided it was over and I made sure I would not touch the block any more. From Final 12 until Final 3, I don't think a single person actually locked me in on any of the day changes because I was so well positioned. Everyone knew I was an easy beat in the polls but even when they were choosing who to go up with, they always let me off the hook.

I controlled practically every set from J2999/Top20fan to Rosemount/J2999 and all of which without people finding out until they were way gone. I know I'm not the most popular, in fact, I'm 95% sure I'm the least popular of this final three but I think my game is extremely impressive and I hope it makes up for some of you not knowing who Ms. Bibi actually is.

I want to clarify some things that have been said about J2999 this week though and actually defend him because he did talk to people and he did make moves. Maybe they weren't as impressive but he did manage to avoid the block with Iceey/Britt which is what half the cast wanted from the start so give him a break. That said, did he kind of become complacent? yeah...... sorry mate.

So good luck to both Ryan and James, this week has been a blast playing with you guys and thank you again to everyone who has supported me < 3 It really warms my heart.

Also, here's the Vlog I made :*

The Q&A

Please vote for me on the link below <3


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proud of you <3
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