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Dog Girl.. Real or Fake??

Jul 16, 2010 by ChapStique
So I came across this video of a girl acting like a dog.. Apparently she was raised by them i want to say its fake but the way she barked at the camera was so real... I mean who does that?? omg. what do you all think?


I used to do that as a child. so fake.
Sent by LaQuawnda,Jul 16, 2010
when she barks at the camera it looks like shes mentally challenged
Sent by Life,Jul 16, 2010
Plz save me and can you vote for panzerizz.He isn't active.
Sent by hinata0014,Jul 16, 2010
she's probably one of those feral children
Sent by turney1805,Jul 17, 2010
It is real... I heard about this case in one of my sociology classes... It happens when children are raised without an idea of how society is.
Sent by cwustu89,Jul 17, 2010
if this real, she really needs medical attention. It is so sad to see her like that.<strong><a href=''>fake handbag</a></strong>
Sent by mylvin123,Jul 20, 2010

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