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Another Survivor alumni has sadly gone to heaven - Sunday Burquest lost her battle with cancer

Apr 18, 2021 by Chameleon777
imageSurvivor Alumni Sunday Burquest has lost her battle with Stage 4 cancer. She fought so hard.

She has been added to the memorial list and she will forever be in our hearts.

Here's an updated memorial list:

Those from The Amazing Race who have died:
Margaretta Groark of Dave & Margaretta (Season 1).
Nancy Hoyt of Nancy & Emily (Season 1).
Renee Rogers of the Rogers Family (Season 8)
Lisa Hinds of Lisa & Joni (Season 9).
Bill Alden of Bill & Cathi (Season 19).
Sheila Castle of Rob & Sheila (Season 21).
Jim Raman of Misti & Jim (Season 25).
Kenneth McAlpine (TAR Canada 5)

Those from Survivor who have died:
B.B. Andersen (Survivor: Borneo).
Rudy Boesch (Survivor Borneo)
Jenn Lyon (Survivor: Palau).
Ashley Massaro (Survivor: China)
Dan Kay (Survivor: Gabon).
Caleb Blankston (Survivor: Blood vs. Water).
Sunday Burquest (Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X)
Gerald Babin (French Survivor)
Cliff Robinson (Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty)

Those From Big Brother who have died
Cassandra Waldon      Season 1
Kent Blackwelder        Season 2
Nikki Grahame         Big Brother UK 7, Ultimate Big Brother, Big Brother UK 16, and Big Brother Canada 4
David Gest             Celebrity Big Brother 17
Theo van Gogh        BB VIP1 Netherlands       
TK        CBB1 South Africa       
Gustavo José Fernández        GH4 Spain       
John Blankenstein        BB VIP1 Netherlands
Edilson Buba        BB4 Brazil       
Ronny Furnes        BB3 Norway       
Bill Flynn        CBB1 South Africa       
Gordon Sloan        BB1 Australia       
Anna Baranowska        BB1 Poland       
Elmir Kuduzović        VB2 Serbia       
Stevan Zečević        VB2 Serbia       
Zorica Lazić        VB2 Serbia       
Samuel Aronsson        BB2 Norway/Sweden
Jade Goody        BB3 UK, BB Panto UK,
CBB5 UK, CBB2 India       
Filip Kapisoda        VB VIP3 Serbia       
Adriana Xenides        CBB1 Australia       
Pietro Taricone        GF1 Italy       
Cora Berger        BB10 Germany       
Rebekah Johansson        BB4 Sweden       
André De Almeida        BB9 Brazil       
François-Xavier Leuridan        SS3(5) France       
Isabelle Guillaume        SS2(4) France       
Ken Russell        CBB5 UK       
Dim Stoyanov Dukov        VIP 1 Bulgaria       
Sophia Brown        BB10 UK       
Sanna Redsäter        BB5 Sweden       
Goldie (Susan Harvey)        BB7 Africa       
Karla Álvarez        BB VIP2 Mexico

Those From Project Runway who have died:
Wendy Pepper (Season 1)
Mychael Knight (Season 3)
Chris March (Season 4)

Those From The Biggest Loser who have died:
Poppi (Season 3)
Adam (The Biggest Loser Season 6)
Daniel (The Biggest Loser 7/8)
Damien (The Biggest Loser Couples 2)
Stephen (Season 17: Temptation Nation)

Those from Hell's Kitchen who have died:
Rachel (Season 2)
Keith (Season 2)
Aaron (Season 3)
Petrozza (Season 4)
Jessica (Season 12)
Paulie (Season 16)

Those from America’s Next Top Model who have died:
Jael Strauss (Cycle 8)
Mirjana Puhar (Cycle 21)
Kimberly Rydzewski  (Cycle 10)

Those from Top Chef who have died:
Fatima Ali (Season 15)
Floyd Cardoz (Season 3: Top Chef Masters)

Those from Masterchef USA who have died
Josh Marks (Season 3)
Ben Watkins (Masterchef Junior)

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