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Marcus is a manipulative person

4thAug 8, 2019 by Chameleon777
image EyooMarcus is a manipulative person who gets immense pleasure from manipulating me into doing things that hurt people. I'm in this Skype chat for Roblox players and Marcus suddenly asks me to add coreyants to the chat this afternoon and get him to play a game even though it's common knowledge that Corey doesn't do Roblox. Anyway, I thought that Corey might actually be interested in playing because Roblox is fun and so I added him to the chat via a call, but he didn't answer. Marcus then asked me if Corey left any messages, which I thought an odd question, but I didn't think anything more of it.

Not too long ago, there was gossip in the Roblox chat that Corey had problems at a job interview because someone FaceTimed or Skyped him during it and it came out that Marcus had created this plan to mess up Corey's interview on purpose. I had no idea that Corey had an interview and had I known, I could have told Marcus no.

I feel very bad that I was manipulated into participating in this terrible prank and I apologized to coreyants for it. I hope he forgives me and I am utterly disgusted at EyooMarcus for doing what he did. Corey just recently lost a job and he is trying his best to find another one, as he has to work due to not getting into grad school in Canada, and he doesn't need people screwing his life up through pranks.

I don't like it how people exploit the fact that I have a disability and am somewhat easy to manipulate.I also wish I could be better at being able to tell who is genuinely my friend and who just wants to put me in positions where I will be laughed at. I'm frustrated because I genuinely want Corey to be successful and people are constantly exploiting my weaknesses to destroy him for no good reason. I hope coreyants can forgive me.


couldnt corey just put his phone on do not disturb
Sent by mathboy9,Aug 8, 2019
why am i not apart of the chat
Sent by Batya,Aug 8, 2019
me @ the real roblox club i-
Sent by Akeria,Aug 8, 2019
which I thought an odd question

if you thought it was odd why do it?
Sent by BBMeganNicole,Aug 8, 2019
hey that’s me
Sent by dawnpeacly,Aug 8, 2019
i thought corey got transferred lmao
coreyants lying ass bitch
Sent by Zuelke,Aug 8, 2019
I don’t know what’s funnier. Calling Marcus a manipulator on a website based around manipulation. OR the fact that Corey doesn’t know to put his phone on silent to be professional.
Sent by RaverKid,Aug 8, 2019
i want his cock
Sent by macken,Aug 8, 2019
mathboy9 I had a conference/online interview for this non-profit on zoom and I should have known to log off of skype on my macbook, but I never get calls honestly especially at that time. The whole call started ringing so I just had to quit skype, but it was still an annoyance and then Marcus facetimed me but my phone was on vibrate.

zuelke I tried to transfer and I'm still in the process of hearing back, but this is for a different job completely. Also Cobus got voted out tonight hun xx

RaverKid the interview was online and I was called through skype on my laptop not phone. My phone was on vibrate.
Sent by coreyants,Aug 8, 2019
Idk why Corey would entertain her and literaly not tell this dumb bitch that I didn’t know he was at a interview.
Sent by EyooMarcus,Aug 9, 2019
Also to be clear: Marcus didn't intentionally know I had the interview during that time.
Sent by coreyants,Aug 9, 2019
Heather babe I’m so sorry that happened to you :(
Sent by Bigbrotherlover12,Aug 9, 2019

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