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A failed plot to get into Stars

Jun 21, 2019 by Chameleon777
imageThis afternoon, EyooMarcus came to me and asked me to steal the Stars seat from coreyants and he would steal it from me at the last minute. Marcus said if he had won the seat, he was going to star me into his frat and I would be in Stars. I DID manage to steal the seat from coreyants briefly with Marcus's help, but some troll snatched it at the last minute and RightToCensor won the weekly raffle, leaving us out in the cold. I am not bitter, though, and I wish Eric luck. I really, REALLY want to play Stars because I believe I can do well, but I don't have the levels, T's, or karma to get in on my own. I feel bad now because EyooMarcus is deeply upset and I did all that I could to help him so that I could have my shot.


Sent by chibideidara,Jun 21, 2019
hun u would get multi'd out anyway
Sent by AkeriaChanel,Jun 21, 2019
negative akeriachanel
Sent by EyooMarcus,Jun 21, 2019
come in the dark side and we star u queen
Sent by Ari_,Jun 21, 2019
Join The Dark Side !
Sent by Katherinee_,Jun 21, 2019
HE got the raffle ticket
Sent by Colter,Jun 21, 2019
thanks heather for fuckign me over
Sent by coreyants,Jun 21, 2019

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