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One of my deepest secrets is...

Mar 16, 2019 by Chameleon777
I like brain games!

I love games that make me think because it keeps me mentally and emotionally healthy. Whenever I can, I sit on my phone or my tablet and play brain games that I have downloaded. When I visit my parents, I will often watch Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, or other brain games with them just because it's fun competing against them. I also sometimes play brain games on or the Game Show Network site. When I travel, I try doing word games and my love of those stems back to high school where I used to try the crossword puzzles everyday.

More recently, I followed the Jeopardy All-Star Tournament and not only had a fantasy pool, I also played the games on the site. Tonight, I took some of the Jeopardy Practice tests for fun and I scored 10/30 on the Adult Test, 9/30 on the College Test, and 13/20 on the Teen Test, which I think are not too bad of scores.

I also play Jeopardy: World Tour on my phone whenever I can just because I like to keep my brain active. I'm not sure I would ever actually go on the show, but I won't completely rule it out because one never knows where life might lead. Just so you know, I never took the College or the Teen Tests tonight and I have taken the Adult Test only once, so that is why I don't consider my scores too bad. With practice eventually comes perfection and I have time on my side.

I am a brain game geek and I enjoy it! Do y'all have brain games you could recommend to me?


shut up heather, i am not in the mood
Sent by DaddyDev,Mar 16, 2019

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